I imagine this city as a kind of Miyazaki’s dragon – beast. Seems like, when you first meet him he is ferrous. In contrast to that, he is also magnificent and majestic. Even more, he is limitless. As a result, this creature is extremely attractive.  That is why, despite all the difficulties and inconvénients you wanna know him better. Therefore, you go towards him. So, little by little, he gets to know you. Thus he becomes familiar and even friendly. Consequently, after a certain amount of time we got along with each other.

Two different persons facing the majestic city
A woman sitting on a rooftop next to a swimming pool facing the Manhattan skyline
Surrealistic painting of a sleeping woman
Surrealistic contemporary painting of a woman-tree in front of a city skyline.
Surrealistic contemporary painting of two portraits above the city skyline
Surrealistic representation of rain arriving on the streets of Manhattan
Two ladies discussing in the Central Park
A portait of a young black woman
Surrealistic eye composed of water, people and high-rise buildings.
Surrealistic watercolour painting of Central Park in spring