New York… Above all, this city impacts for sure all who come to live there. At the very beginning, New York completely rocked, overwhelmed and even somehow desperate me. Namely, all my life had changed in a twinkle of an eye. Consequently, a new path was has appeared in front of me. Therefore, this new way offered me an opportunity to meet new people. Moreover, the discovery of The United Nations and its community was prodigious. As a result, incredible friends as well as very intelligent and inspiring colleagues made me grow. Thus, I could literally unfold on this rich international soil, learn new languages and discover my real self. New York with all its challenges gave me new possibilities. Little by little, we got along with this wonderful city. This metropolis in my imagination represents as a kind of Miyazaki’s dragon – beast.  Certainly, this creature is ferrous when you meet him first.  But then, he becomes familiar and even friendly. With this dragon, we ended watching together the night city lights sitting close somewhere on a rooftop silently thinking about everything…

Contemporary pastel drawing United Nations International Bazaar 2016
Contemporary pastel drawing of Manhattan view from a high-rise.
Pastel on linen contemporary painting of Manhattan and Hudson river.
Contemporary oil painting representing a view of Manhattan from the sea with a cloud shaped as the statue of liberty.
Contemporary oil painting representing the fountain on the 57th street and Lexington avenue in New York.
Oil painting depicting view of a pond in Central Park in New York in spring.
Oil painting of a girl sitting in a rooftop in Manhattan, New York.
Manhattan view in a rainy day.
View on 59th street form the doors of Central Park.
Manhattan downtown, view from a high-rise, pastel drawing
At the doors of Central Park, pastel
Manhattan during the hottest summer days
Manhattan Midtown during the hottest period of the summer
Central Park in winter
Central Park, late evening of November
Industrial view on Manhattan from Secaucus
Brighton Beach in Brooklyn
The Cloisters upper Manhattan
Manhattan in winter night view from Ney Jersey