Art is a sincere dialogue without borders where the process of artistic creation turns to spiritual ritual whirling between an act of love and a drama of faith. Most of my works possess a structured form and a rhythm striving to plunge the viewer in a state of gentle trans. My pallet ranges from somber to flamboyant mesmerising and inviting the viewer to enter into the enchanted world full of colours and intricating, interchangeable shapes inducing the feeling of mystical flight, of soaring…

Our existence is a proof of constant evolution, of revolving. Everything is in constant motion. All the creatures and the created thins are constantly revolving on all levels of their existence. The basic structure of everything stands on the revolving electrons, protons, and neutrons composing the atoms. Everything in the Universe from the smallest cell to the planets and stars is a part of this revolving.

Thus, my art, independently of the medium I choose, shows consciously this perpetual motion of all existence.

My art represents a spiritual journey, where I seek truth, maturing through love, transforming myself, growing my potential, and return to life as the servant of all creation.

The pillars of my work are the three fundamental components of human nature – mind, emotion and spirit. I combine them into a practice and a worship that seeks the balance and the state of purity.

My whole being is composed of multinational origins and knowledge of a bunch of different languages resulting of a nomadic lifestyle composed of long-term travelling, diplomatic postings and encounters with people from different cultures.


Ksenia Poncet, French, Russian born artist.

She drew her first sketches at the age of five and spent part of her childhood in the silent and dark rooms of the State Hermitage Museum in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Then, at the age of thirteen, her dream finally came true. She pushed open the doors of the Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy, a legendary place, and took drawing and painting classes at Elvira Tibilova’s workshop. This learning period was strongly influenced by modern art, which the budding artist discovered in Russian and European museums. Leningrad, which had been the Soviet showcase for many years, once again became St. Petersburg, Russia’s window onto Europe first opened by Peter the Great several centuries before. Inspired by this overwhelming encounter at the crossroads of two worlds, Ksenia made a series of pastels, watercolors and Indian ink drawings in a style similar to symbolism, under the influence of the works of Mikalojus Ciurlionis.

Following the path of those Russian artists who had left the country to study in Paris before the revolution, Ksenia entered the Sorbonne, where she discovered conceptual and performance arts, and, in parallel, the performing arts. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and decided to put her artistic activity on hold, seeking to channel her entrepreneurial spirit and talents by continuing her studies and obtaining a Master in Business Engineering at ESCG Paris and a Master of Finance at INSEEC Paris Business School. She started her career working in business development teams in asset management and IT systems for the financial sector. Then she left Paris and created her own company in the Rhône-Alpes region. From time to time, Ksenia escaped to her studio and gradually filled it with abstract paintings, until one day, while on holidays in St. Petersburg, an old family album felt into her hands. This inspired her to paint the life of Russians during the Soviet period, marking her return to the past, and her encounter with her roots and with herself. This was the final push that made her to become a full-time artist. Since she had worked for more than four years as volunteering artist for the United Nations Women’s Guild, where she contributed through her art to fundraising projects and events to help children in vulnerable situations all over the world. Ksenia also participated to several collective exhibitions and recently became muralist and created a huge mural for the lobby of the faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures of the University of Nantes in France. She is currently working on murals commissioned by other French universities and public organizations.

Furthermore, Ksenia participated in 2020 to the 2020 Generation Equality Asia Pacific Design Challenge organized by UN Woman Asia and World Design Organization where she created a campaign « Name it! » intended to combat violence against women and girls.

Her studies of art and several years of practice have led her to become constantly curious polyvalent artist exploring the limits of mediums as ways of expression. Thus, she remains in permanent development and research of artistic improvement of her work testing new mediums, new techniques and new technologies in traditional painting, street art and design.

Ksenia’s multinational origins and knowledge of several languages also play an important role in the development of her distinctive artistic style. Furthermore, her personal experiences of long-term travelling, diplomatic postings, and encounters with people from different cultures influence a lot her work.

Ksenia Poncet lived and worked in several European countries, Russia and the United States. Now she lives between The Hague, Netherlands and Saint-Tropez, France.

Eager For New Challenges

While artist mix-up the codes, the styles and the ideas, the artistic comfort zone is еxpanding its boundaries. Hence this could be sometimes scary, but the results always worth the efforts.

Oil painting 94
Watercolour 93
Dry pastel 98
Acrylic and inks 84

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”


“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”


“Art is the lie that enables us to realise the truth.”