Art is a sincere dialogue without borders. The process of artistic creation is magic and full of adventures. Therefore, I have a chance to live incredible experiences, feel profound emotions and share them with the world.

Life by its richness gives me a will to approach many topics. My works are telling stories, rising questions. They invite the viewer to enter into the enchanted world full of colors and interchangeable shapes.

Moreover, my studies of art and years of practice have led me to become a constantly curious polyvalent artist exploring the limits of mediums as ways of expression. That is why, I’m in permanent development and research of improvement testing new mediums, new techniques and new technologies in traditional painting, street art and design. Another side of my artistic work is research on the process and the speed of perception of the visual information by human brain. Being largely inspired by new technologies, I’m working on the interactive visualizations in the two dimensional static images.

Certainly, my multinational origins and ability to speak different languages play also an important role in the development of my artistic style. Furthermore, my personal experiences influence a lot my work. First of all, travels and diplomatic postings. Also, the unforgettable encounters with people from different cultures and languages.

Eager For New Challenges

While artist mix-up the codes, the styles and the ideas, the artistic comfort zone is еxpanding its boundaries. Hence this could be sometimes scary, but the results always worth the efforts.

Oil painting 94
Watercolour 93
Dry pastel 98
Acrylic and inks 84

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”


“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”


“Art is the lie that enables us to realise the truth.”